Audio recorder

This app will record your audio activities, think of it as a blackbox that will only record if there is sound.

The cloud

Recording all your audio activities can take a lot of space on your phone, this app will store everything on the cloud and it can be retrieved when you need it.


If there is a conversation, a meeting, or notes you can covert the audio into text with the click of a button.

A simple and easy way to record your activities

Introducing the app that will store all your memories

Record conversations

The app can be set to run in the background to record your everyday activities.

Retrieve conversations

Retrieve your conversations at anytime based on time, location and even keywords.

Cloud storage

All your audio files are store on the cloud allowing you to save storage on your phone.

Audio Transcription

Your audio files can be converted to text with the click of a button.

A voice recorder that will store your audio on the cloud

Cloud Voice Recorder is an app that has been developed and designed in order to accommodate people who want to recall what was said in conversations held a few days or a few weeks ago. All the audio files get stored on the cloud which allows you to save space on your phone.

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